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Key Fact Statement
Sr. No. Parameter Details (given for illustrative computation purposes only)
(i) Loan amount (amount disbursed/to be disbursed to the borrower) (in Rupees) 20,000
(ii) Total interest charge during the entire Tenure of the loan (in Rupees) 3,274
iii) Other up-front charges, if any (break-up of each component to be given below) (in Rupees) 400
(a) Processing fees, if any (in Rupees) 160
(b) Insurance charges, if any (in Rupees) -
(c) Others (if any) (in Rupees) (details to be provided) - -
(iv) Net disbursed amount ((i)-(iii)) (in Rupees) 19,600
(v) Total amount to be paid by the borrower (sum of (i), (ii) and (iii)) (in Rupees) 23,6749
(vi) Annual Percentage Rate - Effective annualized interest rate (in percentage) (computed on net disbursed amount using IRR approach and reducing balance method) 17.07%
(vii) Tenure of the Loan (in months/days) 24 months
(viii) Repayment frequency by the borrower Monthly Monthly
(ix) Number of instalments of repayment 24
(x) Amount of each instalment of repayment (in Rupees) 970
Details about Contingent Charge
(xi) Rate of annualized penal charges in case of delayed payments (if any) Penal interest 3% on outstanding amount, cheque bounce charges Rs 450/- plus all applicable government levied taxes
(xii) Rate of annualized other penal charges (if any);  NA
Other disclosures
(xiii) Cooling off/look-up period during which borrower shall not be charged any penalty on prepayment of loan  3 days
(xiv) Details of LSP acting as recovery agent and authorized to approach the borrower list of recovery agency
(xv) HDFC Bank Website
(xvi) Privacy Policy Privacy Policy
(xvii) RBI Complaint Management system
(xviii) RBI Sachet portal
(xix) Name, designation, address and phone number of nodal grievance redressal officer designated specifically to deal with FinTech/ digital lending related complaints/ issues Mr. Mehernosh Dhamodiwala (Grievance Redressal Officer) Grievance Redressal Cell, HDFC Bank Limited, 1st Floor, Empire Plaza - 1, Lal Bahadur Shastri Marg, Chandan Nagar, Vikhroli West, Mumbai – 400083 Contact Number: 1800 266 4060
Nodal Officers (

Detailed Repayment Schedule (Illustrative)

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